High School
It was in the halls of Rivera High School in Brownsville Texas where Bert’s dream of writing, recording, and rapping was born. While big dreams are often conceived in the minds of young teens, his hardworking father, an agriculturalist, and his mother, an instructional aide for elementary public school students tempered Bert’s dreams. Bert and Bram together formed “M.O.B.,” Mexicans of Brownsville. While the group did enjoy regional success opening for various famous acts, his parents understood that the road to a better life began with an education; therefore, Bert moved to San Antonio and enrolled in Nursing School to pursue his other dream. While pursuing a nursing career, M.O.B. continued to do shows around South Texas and on December 13, 2005, Bert graduated from nursing school.  Unfortunately, the joy of graduation was relatively short.
Clarity Through Chaos
While enjoying the Christmas holidays with his family, on December 30, 2005, Bert suffered from a Spontaneous Pneumothorax. Suddenly, and without explanation, his lung collapsed and Bert found himself at the receiving end of his profession. Only one in ten million people have had this occur in their twenties. His brother, Orlando De Los Santos, rushed him to a local night clinic where a quick thinking physician conducted further life saving measures. He ended up in the emergency room where he suffered the pain of his life… Without anesthesia, a chest tube was inserted into his lung, between his rib cage. He spent twenty-nine days in the hospital and lived to tell his story. It is in that hospital bed that his dream of rapping came to an end, and M.O.B. stopped making music.  While lying in pain, confused, and unsure of his fate, surrounded by prayers and an unsure future, he turned to words and God for comfort.  He continued to write and never gave up hope on his dream of becoming an artist in the music industry. After six years of recovery, Bert pursued his music career with a different attitude and name (AlfaBeto).
2012: The Year of AlfaBeto
The meaning of “AlfaBeto” is twofold.  AlfaBeto is for the letters he uses to formulate the words in his lyrics. Also, in the Greek Alphabet, “Alfa” in Spanish, or Latin for Alpha, means “A,” which is the initial to his name. “Beto,” is what his childhood friends called him as they ran in the streets of the Mexican border town of Matamoros, Tamaulipas. It also is a reference to “Beta” which is “B” in the Greek alphabet, which stands for Bert or Bertie, his common used name from very close friends and family members.
While music has surrounded his life since birth, it is Bert’s deep faith in God, his love of family and friends, and their unwavering support that provides the fuel to write, rap, and dream.